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Date   January 1992 Type   Diario de Burgos
Letters from friends... 
A time of sowing which will bear much fruit


Dear Marta.

When I was full of anguish these last nights, asking myself what they had done to you, at last an answer filled me with peace. I felt you in heaven and noticed that your life had been a time of sowing here on earth. Like the seed that needs to be watered, it was necessary for you to send us from heaven a shower of your blood. You have watered, and it's amazing Marta! It has already started to bear fruit. There will be an abundant harvest and we will need many hands to collect it. You defended your purity unto death… and, they didn’t achieve anything…! I can imagine in those moments the Virgin holding you close to her heart, hugging and kissing you and you Marta not feeling anything that they were doing to your body. Your martyrdom is not just chance, it is not something in vain, and it is a calling of God to this world, which does not value anymore the greatness of holy purity.

A few days ago, when people saw the strength that your parents had, they were very impressed and many of them asked: How can they be like that? When I saw your mother by your lifeless body, standing straight, full of peace and serenity, I found the answer in my interior…‹‹Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother.›› God gave her the strength and that same strength He gave to your mother. And now, your harvest time begins. Someone very dear to your parents told me in the graveyard: ‹‹I had become a nervous wreak and this testimony has made me go in peace, this is going to change my life››. Someone else commented on the fact that “this will bring a shower of graces.”
From up there you will help us to gather the harvest and present it to the Lord. It will be abundant –full of fruits-: conversions, vocations and perhaps many will clean their souls with a good confession and we will all benefit from it. Yes Marta, yes! It’s your harvest…
Marta, pray for us!
Until later, Marta


Marta has not died. I refuse to admit that which is however a tremendous fact. She has not died because those like she who strengthen the hearts of so many people do not die. She has gone for a short while. Each one has to measure that while from the point of view of their own biography, but she is there in those who love, believe and, as a consequence remain. Her letter that was published was just that: love, faith and a voice that remains. That’s to say, she lives.



 To: Marta Obregón - Address: Heaven
Dear Marta!
Your funeral and burial took place on Tuesday. With a lot of sadness I said goodbye to you in this material world where, as you well stated, we are just passing by. But I don’t have any reason to be sad, you are now with Our Lord and there is no better company then His. It is the company that you have always desired since I have known you. He has called you early to be with Him and to continue the work that you started here among us with your amazing faith in Jesus Christ, your contagious joy (contagious, at least for me) and your sweet smile.
Today I was watching the video that we taped in the month of November in “Quintanar de la Sierra”. Do you remember? Marta, that video is what I will always remember until when in a short while, a very short while, the three of us can watch it together again.
Pray to God for me, for Javier, for your family and for all those whom you have left in this world and who are known to have the faith in God that you had. That faith which truly moves mountains in this society lacking in positive values; I know that you will because you know how much we need it.
Awaiting your reply. This friend of yours who had, has and always will have a place for you in his heart, bids you farewell for just a little while.
P.S.: To he who took her life: Evidently, “you didn’t know her.”
To her family and friends: Marta hasn’t died, "Vita mutatur, non tollitur", “life is changed but not lost” and we don’t have to cry for having lost the sun because the tears will impede us from seeing the stars.
José Ramón
To Marta with all my love


Dear Marta:

During those anguished days of waiting without knowing where you were to be found, I have remembered many things: The good times that we had when we, together with your parents, contemplated you all in your childish games. Your joy to be in the swimming pool, your first movements with the tennis racket and your excitement when we would go to see the fireworks on St. Peter's night. What plans we had for all of you!
I also remember how you used to make us laugh by your imitation of Betty Misiego and by your acting…You're great, Marta!
During these sleepless nights of not knowing where you were, it was impossible not to think and the memories kept coming to my mind. I then remembered what you had told me on the 27th of December, ‹‹many things are happening in my life and I don’t know what God wants of me››. We talked for a long time and you were radiant: don’t worry about me, you said. "He will go showing me the way." Monday I received the news. My heart froze and in my foolishness I couldn’t find an explanation: Why Lord… and it was later on, when I knew some of the circumstances and during the time of prayer I started to remember those stories of the martyrs that I had heard so many times in school: those children and young people who died for Jesus Christ and whose blood allowed many souls to pass into heaven and the Catholic faith to be spread. We envied them and prayed to them…Tarcisius, Lucy, Agnes… How fruitful those martyrs were!
Although with our human eyes we don’t see anything right now, with the eyes of the soul we know that ‹‹everything is for our good››.
Marta, may your testimony permit many souls to get close to God.