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date 15th of August 2008 Type Internet - web
Testimonio de Marcia J.


Hello everyone!!
When I read about the article I was left very impressed and teary eyed. I too, like this young girl, form part of the Neocatechumenal way in Paraguay, South America.
Like her, Jesus Christ and the love of God touched my life when I was 17 years of age. Today the Lord has permitted that in my life the love is renewed…through the sacred sacrament of marriage. I am now 28 years old…
But what most impressed me were those words of help and asking of strength off Papa God… I fervently desire that this cause, the life of this young person will be a faithful and important example for us now at the start of the 21st centaury when consumerism, free sex and sin frequently destroy the lives of a great number of young people….
From South America I send you my regards and I will pray for this cause and for Marta, so that she may soon reach the alters along with our Lord Jesus Christ.
Marcia J.