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Date 04th of August 2008 Tpe Internet - Webl
Testimonio de Ivi M.


I give thanks to God for having discovered the testimony of the life of this young Spanish girl who lived intensely her life in Christ and died tragically defending her chastity. Like that of Christ, the tragedy of her martyrdom was transformed into victory over death, evil and sin because this occurrence has permitted that many people (like me), get to know about the amazing example of a young person of our time and discover, or rediscover, the immense love and mercy of God. I see with joy that Marta’s calling to consecrate herself as an itinerant in the Neocatechumenal way could not be destroyed even by death, because from heaven she continues to give testimony by her own story of her love for God even in adversity. I sincerely hope that this child, so affectionate, so loved by God and so full of virtue, may be given one day a place on the alters and that her story may be spread to all nations in fidelity to her missionary vocation which she fulfils so well from heaven. Pray for us Marta Obregón and we poor sinners will also pray for your cause which is also the cause of Christ.



Ivi M.