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Date   28th of July 2008 Tyoe   Internet Blog
Testimonio Jóvenes san Pedro Apóstol - Buñol (Valencia)
Marta and the greatness of life….


Marta Obregon Rodriguez 







With this simple website we wish to present the testimony of a young christen who gave her life to defend her chastity. In her we discover a great development in her adhesion to Jesus Christ.
Marta is a testimony for the young people of today and an interceder, a door of hope, for those   parents and grandparents who feel the need to pray for their children and grandchildren. Especially those who walk with their backs turned to the truth and with their backs turned to Christ.
A few highlights from the life of Marta…
-From “Taize she wrote”: …It is curious that when you discover something important in your life and you become aware of things that are fundamental, which until then had passed unnoticed by your side, you basically feel good, at peace and…well anyway I think you know what I mean. Every human being who plants the question about the meaning of life or similar questions passes through the phase that I am talking about..” – During a time of suffering Sonia, a friend of hers who died in 1998 told her “No matter what you’ve done God loves you”, “God, like a father, always loves you as you are”. Marta went frequently with her friends to their house in the country and a few days later the family had a visit from a Priest of the Neocatechumenal way and the sisters invited her as well. After lunch the Priest, Fr. Ángel takes his leave and says to Marta that if she wants he can take her back to Burgos in his car. Fr. Ángel, according to the judgment of a Parish Priest, is an open and intelligent man with a great pedagogic preparation due to the fact that he was formally a Salesian in Valencia. As soon as Marta was alone, with her usual frankness she started to tell him what was troubling her inside.
The itinerant priest listened to her with attention and when she had finished he asked her (according to her friends) if she had any more sins or faults to add to that so that she could prepare herself to receive forgiveness. She was surprised and her soul was filled with joy on seeing that what Soina had said was true. And a peace that she never wanted to loose also filled her soul. As soon as she got out of the car she ran jumping with joy to her friends house, who ha also returned home, to tell them that God had not forgotten her. Shortly afterwards she asked if she could join the communities because she also wanted to get to know “the way”. “she wanted to give everything to God in gratefulness, on feeling herself forgiven”. Her friend continues to say: She was a very joyful girl, very lively, I remember how a at 21:30 hrs on going back to the residence we would sometimes go to the opposite side walk, she used to call one of her friends so that they would look out the window and in middle of the street she would dance a zapateo (A Spanish dance, typical of Andalusia) even clapping her hands and everything…She was happy and very much in love with her boyfriend Javier.
The reason for rapidly leaving the catechism class was because she wanted to ring him within the timetable permitted by the residence and tell him what they had talked about that day in catechism class. She wanted him to be able to share in everything so much, that more then once she taped the catechism class … so that Javier could in some way live it also at a distance. –On one occasion , on leaving her parish church, St. Martin de Porres, The parish priest Fr. Fermín,  was there talking with Fr. Pedro Gutiérrez, the priest who had been her religion teacher in high school. He came up to Marta in order to ask her about the plans that he knew she had to be a famous journalist. According to what the Parish Priest later told her parents Marta, after a few moments of reflection, responded: “right now, I only have God in my head. True and only peace is found in God and we are all just passing by in this life”. –Marta left many notes and refexiones sactered about her notebooks, from which I have chosen one:
Oh, God, help me right now please! (There is no time… Life is much shorter then what we poor fools think. That when you want you may come to get us and take us from this land where we have had to live.) Help me to quickly find you. Open wide my eyes and my heart, because it seems that everything that surrounds us is You, and that my God, is very hard to understand. Just one more thing: I want you to know that I love you and I always have, in spite of everything”.
Prayer for private use
Lord Jesus,
You made the young Marta
be an example of joyful and generous life,
 and you strengthened her in human love
 and in the defence of her chastity;
grant me by her intercession,
the favour that I now ask of you…(make your pettion)
Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be
The more I trust and abandon myself to Him the freer I feel. (Marta)