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Marta was born in Coruño, Spain, into a Christian family. She was the second of four sisters.
The day that Marta died.
After the funeral she was buried in the local cemetery of Burgos.
The usual meeting of the priestly council took place. It was presided over by Archbishop Francisco Gil Hellín. The last few minutes of the council were dedicated to reports. Fr. Saturnino López Santidrián told the council that he had been studying the life of the youth Marta Obregón, stabbed to death on the 21st of January, 1992. He stated that there could exist possible motives for her beatification.
Fr. Saturnino López was named Diocesan postulator of the cause of Marta in its Diocesan phase.
The Diocesan postulator Fr. Saturnino López, requested the introduction of the cause of Marta.
The Archbishop of Burgos, Francisco Gil Hellín, presented the cause of Marta to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome.
The congregation for the Causes of Saints issues the "Nihil Obstat", declaring that on the part of the Holy See there existis no obstacle that prevents the introduction of the cause of beatification of Marta.
The Archbishop of Burgos publishes a decree, exhorting all members of the dioceses: priests, religious and faithful, to sincerely and freely make known anything that could be useful to the procedure of the cause.
The opening session of the Diocesan informative process (in the diocese of Burgos) about the life and martyrdom of the servant of God takes place.