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When Marta experienced the mercy of Jesus she felt saved and she fell profoundly in love with Him. Her soul found peace and her life fell into order. She was faithful to her time of prayer and received the Eucharist every day. She knew how to be discreet while being generous. She did everything quietly, so as to be hardly noticed.
God is the most important in my life. My Love. And as I have managed to discover this great truth, I would never want to loose it. (I only want to follow you Jesus).
You have a story of love kept for me, Lord I know. And I discover it little by little.


SHe felt freer when she abandoned herself and trusted in Him, up to the point where she would exclaim:

The more I trust and abandon myself to Him, the freer I feel.
Passionate and persistent, she knew how to defend the faith at any time and before anyone. She stood up for her faith when it was attacked or ridiculed by professors in the university. As well as this, she would write letters to the mass media denouncing the lack of moral and ethic values.
Oh, God, help me right now please. There is no time… Life is much shorter then what we poor fools think…
My lack of patience in seeing His will. If only I could give an example with my life!
Marta consciously wanted to give an example with her life. She always talked about God and with impatience would ask the Lord to tell her His will because she was in a hurry to accomplish it. She had an intuition that she did not have much time.