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We are a group of lay people in love with Jesus and enthusiastic about Marta, led by:
        Archbishop Francisco Gil Hellín (Archdiocese of Burgos)
        Fr. Saturnino López Santidrián (Diocesan Postulator)
        Fr. Rafael Casado (Secretary)
Led by the hand of our “Father God” and our “MotherChurch” we try to bring Marta to the places where we are guided.
The members of this group are Montserrat, Ana Carmen, Jesús, Javier, Gloria, Dani and Esteban (Argentina). We have a wide range of age groups, the youngest being 17 years old.
Each of us brings the enthusiasm that Marta has awakened in us to our own environments (work places, homes, parishes, etc).
We greet you in the love of our Lord. If you feel  enthusiastic  about  Marta,  we would like to invite you to form part of this same group.
Our Lord needs many instruments in order to spread His work throughout the whole world.
We are enthusiastic and full of hope. Jesus started with only 12 apostles. We are convinced that this is a work of God and are certain that if we let ourselves be guided by Him, the plans the Lord has for Marta's Beatification Cause will be fulfilled.
Welcome to the wonderful work of God and let Marta amaze you.